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certified Reiki practitioner courses & training

Reiki Montreal Training Center for people living in Montreal, Quebec. We offer Certified Reiki Online Courses for Montreal residents. Online Reiki Classes with a Grand master. Zoom live sessions. Learn Reiki from your home. Montreal Reiki online Holistic Academy. School of Reiki for Montreal residents. Montreal is home to a variety of vocational/technical centers, colleges and universities. Learn Reiki and practice Reiki in Montreal. 

Join us in this intensive course to learn all you need to know to become a First Degree Reiki Practitioner in Montreal, Quebec.


Montreal Reiki Online Course led by a registered teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association. This will ensure that you learn a course that is complete as recognized by the association.

Reiki Courses: Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III, Reiki Master / Teacher 

  Your choice of traditional Reiki training could be one of the most important decisions in your life. Learn to practice traditional Reiki and you can quickly relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion and other symptoms that are more troublesome when we are stressed and out of balance.
 Traditional First degree Reiki practice is easy to learn. Most people practice in bed, while falling asleep or awakening, so Reiki integrates easily into even the busiest lifestyle.
 Reiki self-practice might not be the only thing you need to feel better, but it will help you feel better and function better quickly. Once you feel happier and healthier, it’s much easier to meet life’s challenges, whether you are digging out from under, or building an empire — or somewhere between the two!

  The goal a reiki session is to rebalance the energy flow in the seven chakras as they may become blocked or excessively open. Reiki is a useful therapy which should be used to complement conventional medicine in order to facilitate an ideal mind-body connection.

  Balance Your Mind. Follow Your Life Path. Heal Yourself. Montreal Courses: Reiki Self Healing. Reiki is easy to learn and easy to practice, regardless of your age, personal, or professional background – anyone can learn to use Reiki to restore balance and bring a greater sense of well-being to their lives, and to the lives of others. You will be so glad you learned - and so will your family and community! It’s all about balance.

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