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Used in the right combination of crystals and sacred geometric shape, Crystal Grids become a powerful tool for focusing an intention into manifestation to achieve your desires and goals and to manifest results much quicker.



Price: $100


For anyone who loves crystals and feel attracted to them. No prior experience or training is necessary.


How to cleanse and charge your crystals Crystal Structure – for dummies Crystal shapes and their meaning Crystal colors and their meaning Sacred Geometric Shapes, their use and meaning Choosing Crystals according to your intention Set up intention Parings crystals to amplify vibrations 9 grids manifestation: wealth, money, well-being, love, release negativity, increase spiritual awakening, transformation, relaxation Attractors Barriers Protectors Releasers Seekers Gemstone meanings 


4 hours


ZOOM online virtual course with live Instructor


You will be provided a PDF manual and a Certificate upon completion.


You will be provided with lifetime access and support through our Facebook page INFINITE KI.




Do you know that...

We find sacred geometry in everything that can be alive. Even if you don't necessarily realize it.

The ancients believed that the study of sacred geometry was essential for the education of our mind.

The universe and the crystals each have vibrations. By combining our intention with the right crystals and a well-chosen form of sacred geometry, depending on what we want to manifest, we create grids of the crystals, which exactly represent the visual manifestation of these vibrations. So we become alchemists transmuting our intentions into physical manifestations.

Basically, a crystal grid is a special arrangement of crystals and stones, used with intention, to manifest a desired result. When the crystals and stones come together and are infused with a specific intention, it’s thought that their energies and properties are magnified.

In other words, it’s a way to work with crystals that involves arranging them into sacred geometric shapes or patterns. Crystal grids are very useful tools for manifesting a desire, goal or challenge you have in life. It will combine different type of crystals' energies in highly effective ways. The crystals you use on your grid will depend on the intention you wish to manifest.
Some ancient cultures recognized that nature has different patterns and shapes that repeat very often. These patterns became sacred geometric patterns. By using sacred geometric patterns with your crystals and a purpose, you will have in your hands a very powerful tool to achieve whatever you want in life.

The power of a crystal grid comes from the combined energies of the crystals you use, how you lay them out and the intentions you set. Keep in mind that the universe likes to provide us with what we need, not just what we want. So it's best to focus on manifesting a need vs a want, if you would like it to come to fruition.



Sacred geometry refers to the various shapes and forms that were traditionally used in architecture, art, and meditation through the centuries. They are the same forms and shapes that are found in natural organisms. These common shapes and patterns that can be seen in nature are referred to as sacred geometry.

In ancient cultures, there was the recognition that various patterns or geometric shapes appear repeatedly throughout nature such as the spiral shell of snails and the hexagonal honeycombs. To ancient Greeks, Hindus, Egyptians, and other cultures, these were pieces of the universe, written in miniature that they could observe, learn from, and eventually recreate. There is more than a little validity to this idea, as well. The concepts of sacred geometry were used in famous construction projects ranging from the Parthenon in Greece, to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. These shapes, dimensions, and formulas were adopted and adapted, fitted into daily life as a kind of spirituality you could see, feel, and touch. From the Fibonacci sequence to the Golden Ratio, design patterns can be broken down as a language of numbers (mathematics) that govern our entire visible and invisible world.

Sacred geometry is a worldview of pattern recognition. By studying the nature of the forms, patterns, and relationships and their connections, it will be easier to gain an insight into the history and mysterious laws of the Universe.

But what are the spiritual meanings behind these geometric patterns and symbols?

Perhaps the most fundamental— and essential — part of this spiritual knowledge is to know the actual patterns, the energy blueprints, which everything in creation is based on. Everything is based on a specific pattern; knowing that pattern unlocks the ability to make full practical use of it. This is true whether speaking of patterns of higher spiritual realities, psychological and behavior patterns, energetic patterns, or actual structures manifested in the physical world.

One thing is clear: Symbols have power.

Here is a selection of geometrical patterns that help us to connect with the Crystals’ energy and the sacred language of the universe:

  • Flower of Life

  • Seed of Life

  • The Sri Yantra

  • Metatron’s Cube

  • Vesica Piscis

  • Star of David

  • Spiral



And crystal grids can help you with anything at all. If you can imagine it, then the right crystal grid can help to make it happen. They are used for spiritual, healing or magical purposes. Some grids are generalized and others have very specific intention.

Manifesting abundance
Aligning with your highest soul path
Increasing harmony and peace
 Protecting yourself and your loved ones
Achieving success
Boost your carrier
Bringing your ideas into physical form
Multiplying your personal power
Restoring vibrant health
Connecting with your angels and guides to a higher degree
Something to help everyone in your home, or something shared with friends
Manifesting your greatest dreams.
Whatever else you feel intuitively drawn to manifest


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